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Real People. Real Stories.

"When I started coming... I couldn't sit in a hard chair or drive without my muscles severely tightening on my right low back. Today, I can now sit in a hard chair and drive without my muscles tightening up. This is amazing! God is good!" J.D.
"The progress or change in my x-ray comparing my first one where I was in stage 3 and in mysecond x-ray... there was an amazing difference!" J.J.
"My scoliosis curve has changed 5 degrees!" S.M.
"To be able to sleep straight through the night at my young age of 52 is a miracle. Thank you Dr. Josh!" J.G.
"I have fibromyalgia; coming here... has been the best medical treatment ever. I am off all of myfibromyalgia meds. I can climb stairs normally and sometimes run up them. I am also taking Karate lessons... I feel great and thank the good Lord for Dr.Josh and Chiropractic care" L.C.

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